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Personal contact option

This website is currently used on the one hand to document our experiences, thoughts and stories and on the other hand to give our families, friends and acquaintances an insight into our being and doing. We do this at our pace and at the time we choose in the form of letters with the newsletter and in the form of stories or reports with the blog.

In order to take part, it makes sense that you register for the newsletter with your email address and also give your consent to receive emails by confirming your email address. Also register as a user on our website so that you can make comments on the articles in the blog area. We look forward to your comments and the resulting dialogue.

We have chosen the website as a communication hub because we perceive it as a more private space in contrast to the many possibilities via social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. This means that our experiences and your comments remain on our web server.

Because we also want to communicate personally and privately with you, we provide you with our personal email addresses as “slow” and asynchronous communication options, where it is not about likes but about heartfull communication. We are happy to answer any questions that you have about us or our path or how we can be of use to you.

You wanna reach out for me? No problem, contact my staff! 😉